Wide Range of Physical Therapy Service

Jatkos11 is becoming India's Fastest Growing Physiotherapy Service Provider. jatkos Physiotherapy Clinics Services Available in India’s Delhi /NCR, Punjab, Bareilly.


Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy that is provided by the certified health professionals. physical therapists are the one who promote, maintain, or restore health through physical examination, diagnosis, prognosis, patient education, physical intervention, rehabilitation, disease prevention and health promotion.

Sport Injuries

Physiotherapists use exercise to help sports person in improve movement, flexibility and strength to reduce pain in both the short and long terms.


Rehabilitation treatment services intended to restore your body to their highest degree of performance. Rehabilitation treatment offers a controlled therapeutic treatment to assist your body recover while you regain strength, relearn skills you lost or find new ways to do activities that might now be challenging.

Why Choose Us

  • Our Specialist Team

    We work collaboratively with leading Orthopaedic, Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation, Neurologists and Doctors of Physical Medicine, Physiotherapists, Orthotists & Nutritionists to provide the best patient care.

  • Our Doctors Knowledgeable & Treatment Plan

    Our Doctors and Physiotherapist are highly knowledgeable & skilled with a professional & caring approach to your treatment needs.

  • Diagnosis & Timely Treatment

    Doctor's discover and treat the root/source of our client problem. We understand that our clients are busy and want to reach their goals in a timely & effective manner and so device their treatment accordingly.

  • Holistic & Client-Centered Care

    We offer our clients, personalized treatment and consider rehabilitation to be more than just pain resolution the ultimate goal is a better & Jatkos11!

Reset your Metabolism

Many health issues and weight gain are often signs of an unbalanced metabolism. When the metabolism is brought back into balance with foods matching your body system, blood values and weight are likely to normalise.

As individual as your fingerprint

Your Metabolic Balance® Nutrition Plan is as individual as you are. It is based on your blood parameters, measurements and food preferences.

Highly trained coaches

Our trained nutritionists will take your individual consultations and support you through the different stages of the programme and help you adapt to this new lifestyle.