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Jatkos11 Physiotherapy is proudly owned and operated by physiotherapists, and has effectively treated thousands of patients. We have a vision for patient care as being more than just treating injuries. To us, successful physiotherapy means an exceptional patient experience from the minute you enter, to the end of your last visit. Our patients view Jatkos11 as their primary practitioners for orthopaedic and vestibular problems. Once you are a Jatkos11 patient, you will always have our experts in your corner. Friendly and knowledgeable receptionists, a clean and modern clinical environment, one on one treatments, communication with your therapist in-between your visits, and longer appointment times are just a few of the ways we honor this commitment.

Online Physiotherapy With Jatkos11

  Prescription will also be provided as per the telemedicine guidelines Sessions are only delivered by senior experienced therapists

  One-on-One approach

  Online Doctor Consult or/and physio on the same platform.


  Continue your sessions with your own therapist, anytime, anywhere.

  Continue your sessions with your own therapist, anytime, anywhere.

  Flexible consultation/session times.

  No Traveling

  No waiting/standing in the queue.

  Convenience and privacy of appointment in your own home/office.

  Increasing the likelihood to see a therapist for those who are in distant places.

  Being able to seek the opinion of an expert who is not in your location.

  You can also be supervised in real-time during your sports/recreational activities.

  Help in giving ergonomic advice of your desk set up.

  Research does say about patient satisfaction, if not the best, then in personal care. They have also shown patient satisfaction and improvement by taking online therapy.